Mil-Spec Circular Connectors

Part Number Guide


Brandex manufactures an equivalent to the MC Cannon Series. The connectors have solder type contacts retained in polychloroprene insulators. Shells are machined from aluminum, finished in olive drab cadmium plate and feature Acme threads for quick disconnect versatility. Endbells are available in straight or right angle types.

mc connector


  • Acme threads
  • Solder Contacts
  • Aluminum Alloy Shells
  • Olive Drab Cadmium Plate

Shell Style

Shell Size

8, 10, 13

Insert Layout


Contact Type

P - Pin

S - Socket

Insert Position

N - Normal (not included in part number)

W or X

Modification Code

1 - Oversized Coupling Nut

F117 - Closed Entry Contacts

Cross Reference

Brandex callout Cannon callout
BX11E8-3SN MC11E8-3SN
BX11E8-3SX MC11E8-3SX
BX11E10-6PN MC11E10-6PN
BX11E10-6PN1 MC11E10-6PN1
BX11E10-6PN1-F117 MC11E10-6PN1-F117
BX11E10-6SN MC11E10-6SN
BX11E10-6SN1 MC11E10-6SN1
BX11E10-6SN1-F117 MC11E10-6SN1-F117
BX11E13-12SN MC11E13-12SN
BX11E13-12SN1 MC11E13-12SN1
Brandex callout Cannon callout
BX11E13-12SN1-F117 MC11E13-12SN1-F117
BX12E8-3PN MC12E8-3PN
BX12E10-6PN MC12E10-6PN
BX14E10-6PN MC14E10-6PN
BX14E10-6PW MC14E10-6PW
BX14E10-6PX MC14E10-6PX
BX14E10-6SN MC14E10-6SN
BX14E13-12PN MC14E13-12PN
BX23E10-6SN MC23E10-6SN