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MIL-DTL-22992 Class L Connectors

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Brandex Components is an authorized stocking distributor of Robert Technologies MIL-DTL-22992 Class L connectors. QPL qualified electrical circular power connectors: MS90555, MS90556, MS90557, and MS90558. Class L connectors are intended for power connections from 40 to 200 amperes where heavy duty, waterproof and arc quenching ability are required. This series of connectors are highly suitable for industrial or military heavy power interconnections.


  • Heavy duty, high reliability
  • Shell material: Steel
  • Available in crimp contacts.
  • Designed for power applications from 40 to 200 amperes.

Shell style

MS90555 - Wall mount receptacle

MS90556 - Straight plug

MS90557 - Cable connecting receptacle without coupling ring.

MS90558 - Wall mounting plug with coupling ring (equipment end)


C - Conductive for ground assemblies

N - Non-conductive assemblies

Shell size

32 - 60 amperes

44 - 100 amperes

52 - 200 amperes available C.O.T.S

Keyway position


32 - 60 amperes

44 - 100 amperes

52 - 200 amperes available C.O.T.S


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