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Corsair Electrical Connectors MIL-DTL-26482 Series II

Part Numbers: MS3470 thru MS3476

Subminiature connectors with bayonet coupling and high contact density. This series is ideal for general purpose applications.

Design Characteristics

  • High reliability
  • Medium size, environmentally resistant connector.
  • Utilizes same standard qualified
    rear-release type plastic tool for contact insertion and removal
  • Three point bayonet system ensures a quick positive connection
  • Five key/keyway eliminates the possibility of mis-mating
  • Contacts are qualified to SAE AS39029 requirements
  • Grommets constructed of a tear resistant elastomer

  • Customer Options

  • Shell styles include: Wall mount narrow flange, inline receptacle,
    wall mount wide flange, jam-nut receptacle, RFI plug, and standard plug
  • Plating options available: Olive-Drab, Nickel Plate, Black Anodized, and Teflon
  • Shell sizes ranging from 8-24

  • Part Number Prefix:

  • MS3470 - Wall Mount Narrow Flange Receptacle
  • MS3471 - Inline Receptacle
  • MS3472 - Wall Mount Wide Flange Receptacle
  • MS3474 - Jam-nut Receptacle
  • MS3475 - RFI Grounding Plug
  • MS3476 - Straight Plug

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