D38999 Series III - Style PCB Connectors

D38999 Series III - Style PCB Connectors

The military specification 38999 Series III is the most popular circular connector series to date with wide adoption from a range of industries. Brandex offers D38999 style connectors with pc-tail contacts for solder mounting directly to a printed circuit board. The D38999 series has a large selection of high density contact layouts which makes for an ideal candidate to use in conjunction with PC Tail contacts. All of our offerings for this series are designed using MIL-DTL-38999 Series III specifications which makes the fit, form, and function comparable to the military versions. All receptacle connectors are inter-mateable with mil-spec and commercial plug connectors. See the details below for the different shell styles and finishes.

d38999 pc tail jamnut connector

Available Options

  • Connectors meet all applicable requirements of MIL-DTL-38999
  • Contacts meet all applicable requirements of AS39029
  • Variety of Shell Styles: Wall Mount, Box Mount, and Jamnut.
  • Plating Options: Olive Drab, Electroless Nickel, and Black Anodized.
  • Range of layouts offering #22, #20, and #16 PCB contact sizes
  • Clinch nuts available on wall mount and box mount style shells

Shell Styles

  1. d38999 pc tail wall mount
    Wall Mount

    Equivalent to Amphenol
    88-56976- & 91-56976-

  2. d38999 pc tail box mount
    Box Mount

    Equivalent to Amphenol
    88-56977- & 91-56977-

  3. d38999 pc tail jamnut

    Equivalent to Amphenol
    88-56978- & 91-56978-